Preventive. Predictive. Proactive.

We provide solutions that manage Personal Health & Population Health.

Our Goal: Improve the life and overall well-being of those we serve through tools that shift the focus of care from being responsive to a life event to being proactive, thus addressing issues before they arise.

When combined, we provide a full 360-degree view of the individual seen by the provider, the patient, and the social support network.

Our Story
Our Story
While the story of Lifemesh is rooted in a personal experience that brought focus to the needs of a new approach to healthcare, the journey has evolved into a dedicated focus to improve overall care, and to shift from the current “episodic” care to one that is proactive and preventive.

The US population is aging, with 10,000 members of the US population turning 65 every day. As such, there is an ominous trajectory toward greater care needs but fewer care professionals. Action must be taken quickly to balance the scales.

One of the largest challenges today is that much of our health data is siloed. It lives in systems that don’t always communicate or lives in forms that are less than ideal. Physicians are faced with making healthcare decisions based on incomplete information, and gaining insights is extremely challenging. In order to provide proactive and preventive care, clinicians must be able to focus on the complete picture, and equally, to focus less on operations, billing, and other day-to-day factors that minimize their time with the patient.  

The Fabric of Health + Wellness

Lifemesh provides the overall fabric for health and wellness by weaving together the threads of health records, technology, and community. Together, this creates a framework that enables the discovery of patterns that can predict health-related challenges. By doing so, caregivers and members of the social network can intervene sooner and minimize these challenges. Furthermore, through early intervention, a wide range of benefits occur, including fewer doctor or hospital visits, better quality of life both physically and mentally, and overall longevity.

Lifemesh combines the electronic health record (EHR) and real-time data from medical and fitness-related devices such as smartwatches. This creates a much broader view of the individual’s health. The combined data allows Lifemesh’s analytics platform, to test medical hypotheses. Unique models identify correlation and causation models which assist in predicting various medical conditions.

Lifemesh further connects individuals and their families together in a way that better allows them to motivate each other towards achieving their health goals.