Lifemesh provides the overall fabric for health and wellness by weaving together the threads of health records, technology, and community to create the framework to not only improve health and wellness, but to analyze information across a vast elderly population in order to discover patterns that can predict health-related challenges. By doing so, caregivers and members of the social network can intervene sooner and minimize these challenges. Furthermore, through early intervention, a wide range of benefits occur, including fewer doctor or hospital visits, better quality of life both physically and mentally, and overall longevity.

Lifemesh combines the electronic health record (EHR) with real-time data from a wide range of medical and fitness-related devices (wearable and otherwise) to create a much broader view of the individual’s health. Additionally, Lifemesh provides an analytics platform for the deep analysis of a wide range of medical hypotheses, allowing for unique models that identify correlation and causation models that assist in predicting various medical conditions. Lastly, Lifemesh also provides a set of tools for the individual’s broader support network to remain informed of the status of the individual, and to participate in their wellness and help to meet specific needs of the individual.

Lifemesh feels strongly about healthly living, and donates 3% of all profits to the charity for each and every sale. Additionally, Lifemesh does not  discount products on their site; but rather runs promotions that increase the percent of a transaction that goes to charity. #DonateTheDiscount.