Karen Koch, a contemporary artist residing in Hudson, Ohio, relies on her love of nature and memories of days gone by for inspiration for her artwork. Her inspiration often comes from simple things: the change of seasons, the color of the sky today, or the flowers blooming in the yard. She delights in them, turning the images into abstract paintings.

Her recent work explores memories and nostalgia, especially distant memories: the feelings they evoke and the impressions they make as they come into focus. The results are colorful abstract paintings and collages that invite the viewer to form their own interpretations of the work.

Karen has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. She has always had pencil and paper in her hands. That early childhood pastime has become a lifelong passion.

While working through the process of making a painting, she will use whatever media are at hand: acrylic paint and ink, printed papers, handmade papers, found objects, and plastic. Some pieces have thread, fabric, or stitching.

She majored in Studio Art and English Literature at Denison University. Her work is collected nationally and internationally.