LifeNome is a revolutionary personal genomics company with the aim of revolutionizing how individuals make well-being decision.

We offer services to both individuals and wellness/genetic testing companies.

Individuals can use their existing genetics testing data (from providers such as 23andMe, Ancestry.com, FamilyTreeDNA or others) or order a new genetic test to get access to 150+ predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, addictions, allergies and sensitivities and many more.  LifeNome does not provide medical advice or diagnostics.

Genetic Testing Companies can use LifeNome report APIs to provide their consumers with the ability to leverage their genetics data to gain insights into various areas of well-being. If you are interested in working with us, please use our partnerships contact information outlined in the Contact Us section.

Nutrition, Dieting, Fitness and Skin Care Companies can work with LifeNome to personalize their goods and services to the individual needs of their consumers, based on the best available scientific studies and LifeNome's patent-pending predisposition engine.