Located in Cartersville, Georgia, LifePoint Church is a church for everyone; young and old, rich and poor, life-long christian and honest skeptic. It is simple, authentic, and alive. LifePoint is a community of believers seeking, above all, to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We believe this happens through Connecting, Growing, and Serving.

Connect to God.
Grow in Community.
Serve Others.

We are a friendly body of believers who are seeking God individually and corporately.  We believe that true life is only found through a relationship with Jesus Christ and our desire is to glorify the name of Jesus in everything we do.

Our desire as a church is to be SIMPLE, AUTHENTIC, and ALIVE. Jesus came to bring us life and life to the full, and we want to experience that life! Our ultimate goal is not that you would subscribe to a doctrine or adhere to a religion, but that you would become a passionate follower of Jesus. We believe this happens through Connecting to God, Growing in Faith, and Serving Others.

We believe and preach the basic, fundamental doctrines of the historic Christian Faith within the framework of traditional Methodism.  We don’t preach and teach a denomination, but the Word of God!

- The Divine inspiration of the Scriptures

- Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

- Deity of Christ

- Jesus being the sinless savior gave his life as a ransom to save us all

- Jesus resurrected from the grave 3 days later

- Jesus is seated the right hand of God and is coming back for His church soon

- Jesus is the only way to the Father

- Salvation comes through being born again/saved, and that is the only way

- Salvation is about a relationship with Jesus Christ

- We are Free-Moral agents, God has given us the choice to follow him and we still have that choice.

- Everyone has been given gifts that are to be used for His glory.

- We believe in pre-millennial and pre-tribulation

- We believe in sanctification of the believer.

- We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is accurate and true!

We are a Congregational Methodist Church and if you would like more information about our denomination affiliation then please check out this website.  http://congregationalmethodist.net

If you have any questions, please email us at info@WeAreLifePoint.com!