Leading a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle. The founder, Jason Bross, noticed an opening in the market for healthy, tasty, and ready to eat products. Other salads can be deceiving; offering convenience and not nutrition. This prompted Jason Bross to conduct worldwide research seeking healthy innovations. The research led the Lifestyle Foods team to Australia, where they learned from example.

After returning to the United States, Jason and his team brainstormed various ways to improve the product. The team developed the original six salads and the future vision for the company. In addition to the original healthy salads, Lifestyle Foods has developed two more healthy salads and three low calorie, healthy snacks so far this year.

Life is demanding. Eating healthy on the go can be a challenge.

All of the Lifestyle products are designed to be healthy, nutritious, convenient and great tasting at an affordable price. The containers have been specialized designed for eating on the go, at the office, or at home. Lifestyle Foods continually travels the world researching the latest food developments to provide innovative and nutritious options for healthy living. We strive to make it easier for consumers to eat healthy on the go. Our lives are busy, so we can relate!

“It’s not just about selling salads.”

What are we all about? Learn how our salads and snacks can fit into your healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Foods is much more than healthy snacks and salads. It is our passion is to provide nutritious and convenient options to compliment your lifestyle. In addition to our salads and snacks, our nutrition and exercise information can benefit everyone. We understand life is busy. Whether you are in the initial phase of a healthy lifestyle, or you are committed to maintaining your lifestyle, we can help! Feel confident about your food choices.

We are committed to providing information to educate you on living a healthy lifestyle and providing convenient products that will support your nutritional goals.