Lifestylist® Brands founder Suzanne S. Felber has been involved in the home building industry for over 30 years. She is a member and instructor of the Institute of Residential Marketing, was previously on the Board of Trustees for the National Sales and Marketing Council and is a popular speaker at various events including the International Builders Convention, The Manufactured Housing Institute World Congress, and the Internationa Networking Roundtable.

 Her work has been seen throughout the country in various publications, show houses and model homes. She been featured on the HGTV program “Dream Builders”, and her work has appeared in Home Magazine, This Old House, Home Depot's StyleIdeas magazines, and in JCPenney publications.

Felber is the only licensed Lifestylist® in the United States, and has merchandised successful site built and manufactured model homes from coast to coast.
Suzanne Felber has a long history of working in not only the manufactured housing industry but also the site built industry as well. Her in-depth knowledge of both industries gives her a unique perspective as to what consumers are looking for in their new home.

Realizing that there is a need for a voice to share the great news about factory built housing, Felber and internationally known communications consultant started American Housing Advocates in 2012.