About the Michael Carroll, Jr.
Michael is the founder of Family Coaching Central, an organization dedicated to helping people find true fulfillment and lasting success. Before founding Family Coaching Central, Michael worked in the financial services industry for over 10 years, including over 3 years as a self-employed insurance and investment broker.

In 1999 he started Carroll Partners, LLC which is the parent company for Family Coaching Central. He decided to enter the family and life coaching and consulting profession after many years as a successful business owner because he found that many people were having problems trying to motivate and develop strategies for themselves and others in order to lead successful business and personal lives.  He also found that many of these same people were having difficulty learning to live a fulfilling, successful life while juggling all of the demands of society and life. Having had his share of failure and success, he decided to make a difference.  He has been involved in the independent study of the science of success and personal achievement since the age of 18, when he looked around at the people closest to him and realized that he wanted more out of life than what they were getting as a result of common societal programming.

Michael has a degree in Business Economics from Southern Connecticut State University. He is also a lifetime member of Leadership University, a worldwide learning system of business coaches. Michael has also held positions at several churches, as a volunteer and as an employee, working with people of all ages and backgrounds.

About Carroll Partners, LLC
Carroll Partners, LLC is a family coaching and web design consulting firm. We’ve integrated two key specialties to help small and family business’ achieve satisfaction in work and family life.