Lifewall is a new custom wallpaper & canvas company that allows people to design everything right online. We distinguish ourselves because of our site's ability to use several photos all at once -- making wall mural collages (Lifewalls) or canvas collages (Lifewall canvas prints). Simply choose a product, upload photos, drag & manipulate, add text if you want, and order.

We pride our "StickIt" wallpaper as actually being a 100% polyester fabric, meaning that it holds color like nothing else, won't tear, and is completely repositionable. Just peel off the back, install, and you're ready to go.

All ink we use is eco-friend, UV-resistant, and water proof, meaning that your prints could potentially be stored outdoors for long periods of time with no fear of them being faded or damaged.

Check us out at yourlifewall.com, as well as on Facebook (facebook.com/lifewall) & Twitter (twitter.com/yourlifewall) for exclusive updates & other information.