Lightcast is a Video Hosting Provider and creative Webmarketing Agency, specialized in innovative Webmarketing, Media Hosting and Video Delivery Solutions. With establishments on three continents and a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN), we can supply the technical power and cost-efficient solution for small and large requirements (and anything in between).

“What does Lightcast do?”

Lightcast summons over 100 innovative marketing-instruments, which are utilized together in tailored packages, depending on requirements and marketing strategies of our clients.

The goal is always to increase the presence of brands, products and message of our clients, through cost-efficient webmarketing and new-media technologies, in order to attract new prospects to our clients’ websites continuously and to increase customer loyalty and inspire viral marketing. Your revenue-increase and expansion is our success!

“Yes, thank you, but what exactly are you doing?”

OK, sorry. This might explain it more practically: we build Websites (big and small), market them (all over the Internet), develop the most beautiful Facebook Pages (your satellite-website on Facebook); we tinker all kinds of Social Media Sites for our clients, craft Online AdCampaigns (on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, bing, CrossAds and wherever else it makes sense), produce the coolest Image Films, Commercials and Webvideos, build Roku Channels and Apps on various Set-Top-Boxes (such as AppleTV, GoogleTV, Yahoo Connected TV, Roku, etc…); we integrate Video Content on your Websites and Social Sites, and we offer state-of-the-art Video Hosting and worldwide Video Delivery through our high performance server network of 21 data centers. And then of course all the stuff we couldn’t fit in right here…

“Why do you have such a wide range of media delivery and marketing services?”

Because “more is more” in marketing (when done right of course). Our marketing-slogan says it all: “More is more. Less is less. But more for less is more!” (Go ahead and read it again. It’s a simple marketing-truth. Just chat us up or request a call back from one of our marketing and media strategists and we’ll be happy to tell you why.)

“OK. And who is Lightcast?”

Lightcast is a bunch of young, dynamic teams of Internet Techies, Video Experts, Marketing Strategists and Social Media Nuts. We are passionate about our projects – and our projects are actually our clients’ goals and projects. They are our greatest decoration. Anything else is just tools.

“And where does Lightcast reside?”

On planet earth. Well, almost. We’re just enough from outer space to be normal, but our actions come close to “paranormal activities”. We have establishments in the United States, in Europe and Asia. Our North American office is located in Charlotte, NC, our Europe campuses reside in Vienna and Bratislava.

“And what does Lightcast cost?”

It’s super-cheap – almost free. The ultra-cost-efficient Service Packages for SMEs and NPOs are super-affordable and a must for anyone who wants to lay down a good foundation for the online part of their project or business. What sets us a part from many CDNs, Video Hosting Providers and Marketing Agencies is that we welcome even the smallest projects with open arms! We have a solution for any budget and requirement and are happy to serve small business just as much as large organizations. That’s the heartbeat of Lightcast: Video and Marketing Solutions for any size! (Plus: we have a special heart, a special service department and special deals for Churches and Non-Profits!)

“And who is behind Lightcast?”

Our clients! Well, it’s true. Some clients have become investors by now. In fact we regard all our clients as partners: their trust, input and wisdom helps shape what we are today and what we will be tomorrow. Organizationally: the cross:media group backs Lightcast Inc., and serves as parent with its sisters in NV and NC and its daughters in Europe. We are all a big family. And the cross:media group? Held by those who hold a share. Luckily it’s me. And it could also be you.

“And what’s your goal with all of this?”

To serve our clients and help them change the world. See – we could try to change the world all by ourselves, but that’s no fun. And it’s a lot more effective if we can help thousands of clients in their pursuit of more influence: “one puts a thousand to flight and two ten thousand” (it’s even biblical!). If we can help our clients to extend their reach – then we can make this world a better place! (and heaven, too). Why? Because all our clients are doing some awesome stuff – and they are changing this world!