It was mother's day approximately three years ago. I was wracking my brain trying to find a way to celebrate my Mother-in-Law and show how much she was appreciated. There is nothing she loves more than her grandchildren, but what could I give her that would showcase that and not take up too much room? She had eight grandchildren at the time, so here's what I did; I made her a lamp shade. A beautiful handmade lamp shade that included pictures of all of her grandchildren. It was a hit!

So here we are, ready to showcase your most treasured photos. Lamp Shades for the constant traveler, for that special mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather. For the book lover who wants to show off their passion, for a pet lover who has lost a pet, or just loves the photos they have of them. Center pieces for a birthday party or wedding reception. The possibilities are endless. Order yours today.