Lightpanda Incorporation (known as Lightpanda Jewelers or Jewelry) is an investment incorporation,  for generating maximum profit possible around the world, created by Raj Kumar Bhaumik having main headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal. ( Nepal is located between Pakistan and China). Lightpanda is online 24*7*365 days. Lightpanda invests capital and shares in gold diamonds and platinum jewelry products because recent market is around 140 billion valuation worldwide. Lightpanda Jewelry Incorporation sells all kinds of gold, diamond and platinum products with the original designs from our expert designer to anywhere around the world by direct mail and best shipping method. Lightpanda is renowned for its luxury goods and particularly known for its best diamond jewelry products. Lightpanda gives an original arbiter of taste and style with experienced and quality designer for jewelry products. Lightpanda is about to be registered under Security Exchange Commission and releasing 30% of shares to public for 200k, please get ready to buy the shares, limited no of share is available. Please check out the presentation for the investors under www.lightpanda.com.
History The first store was founded by Mr.Niranjan Bhaumik and Ms. Anuradha Bhaumik in 1992 in Bagzara-31, Kathmandu Valley, capital city Of Nepal. The first store was named as " Maa Manakamana Jewelers " and renowned as " gold and diamond jewelry emporium ". The store initially sold a wide variety of luxury items and operated in heart of Kathmandu Valley, Asia, Nepal. The name was re-branded as Lightpanda Jewelry Incorporation in 2014 when owners son Mr.Raj Kumar Bhaumik took control and established the firms emphasis on jewelry. The online store was named as www.lightpadna.com. Lightpanda Jewelers have around more than 30+ employees currently as per January, 2014. They online store deal with sales of all kinds of jewelry products in the world. The first online store was headquartered in Arlington City, Texas, USA.
Store: The Maa Manakamana Jewelers, jewelry Incorporation was first operated in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu valley in 1992 by owners Mr.Niranjan Bhaumik and Ms.Anuradha Bhaumik. Although the store was not located in big market, the owner Niranjan Bhaumik used to supply all kinds jewelry products around the street of Thamel, Mangalbazar, Jorpati, Chabhi, Patan and all markets around the Nepal.The first store was around 3240 sq foot.
Manufacturing: The manufacturing process is carried out in Kathmandu Valley, the capital city of Nepal with currently employee of 30+ members. Lightpanda Jewelry Incorporation have their own machines and designers for all kinds of jewelry designing process. Lightpanda Incorporation do not violate the the copyright infringement of other jewelers by copying their designs. Manufacturing process is done according to the order of custom product selection by customers, size of the product and then advance payment of 50% is taken from customer for buying metals to start the manufacture process.The products is developed in workshop and shipped to the customers around the world.
Customer Funds Security: Customer Funds Security
Since jewelry products are very valuable products and deals with a lot of transactions , Our customer funds is protected to help get rid of fraud and other inappropriate activities. We receive the order from customer for various design jewelry and the funds is saved in Standard Chartered Bank for customers all around the world , and the funds is released to our incorporate office only after product receiving is confirmed by our customers. The product receiving is confirmed by taking the signature of the customer , or the person receiving the product in the machine, the document of shipment received is send to the bank manager and then only funds is released to our incorporate. The time interval between the customer receiving the product and the time we take manufacturing, the customer can withdraw their funds by calling us, email us, chatting us and from any of the nearest Chase Bank Of America, You can take your funds back anytime during the time interval of order and received , by direct deposit to your account, get cash back from bank.

Note: 50% of your transaction is used for manufacturing purpose for buying necessary products of metal, stone, gems, so 50% is reduced from the bank and you can get your funds back anytime during the manufacturing and delivery time period.

Advertising: The catalog and products are uploaded in website as was published in online store www.lightpanda.com on January, 2014.Lightpanda Incorporation generally mail the products images and catalogs to the potential customer around the world. Lightpanda Inc have developed the application used on cell phones and all electronic devices to be downloaded for free.
Products: Necklace Sets Pendant Sets Big Stone Pendant Sets Chain Sets Mess Chain Sets Moti Chain Sets Baju Bandh Haath Paan Key Chain Kandora