As the digital revolution has gathered pace and as digital media becomes more universal, individuals, organizations and businesses are increasingly faced with the challenge of managing fast growing digital archives.

It is easier than ever to take digital photos, to shoot video and record audio clips. As hard drives get bigger and cheaper, it’s tempting to just keep on squirreling all those files away.

But as your digital archives expand and as the types of files you store multiplies it is easy to come adrift. Without the right tools, managing contributors, users and archives and releasing their value becomes harder and more costly.

LightRocket Media Manager has been designed to respond to the challenges of digital asset management simplifying each and every facet of the digital workflow.

Through collaboration with users at each stage of the process, we have developed intuitive functionality that makes sense, introducing efficiency and automation into your workflow just where it’s needed.

The LightRocket Media Manager system is the culmination of more than a decade of direct experience in the field of digital asset management.

It is precisely our insider’s understanding of the problems you need solving that makes our solutions so powerful.

If you don’t believe us, find out for yourself with a free LightRocket Media Manager trial account. Visit www.lightrocketmedia..com for more info.