Tim Naughton started Lights4fun.co.uk  because he was fed up with the poor quality mass produced outdoor Christmas lights offered in DIY stores and garden centres in the UK.

Today in 2007, six years later, Lights4fun has become a leading U.K. brand for high quality indoor and outdoor decorative lighting.

Tim had always loved Christmas lights. From just 10 years old it had been his seasonal joyful task to get the fairy lights from the loft, untangle them, and then laboriously find and replace the broken bulbs. Today he says 'our customers require a more reliable, sophisticated product that can be used all year round for parties, summer events and not just Christmas'. 'We test everything to the highest European standards and if products don't meet the grade, we simply don't sell them.'

In 2000, Tim started to look for an alternative to the badly made outdoor Christmas lights that saturated the UK market. After what seemed like endless research and testing, Lights4fun was launched in July 2002 with a small number of quality products offered through a catalogue and a modest internet site. Initial sales were strong and the business quickly established a loyal customer base.

Tim imported high quality outdoor Christmas lights tested to meet the most exacting regulations of the German market. UK customers were delighted to be offered these good value durable products, designed to cope with the worst of the British weather.

Over the next four years Tim concentrated on developing a system of connectible outdoor lights that can be left 'in situ' all year round. These too, as with all Lights4fun products, have been tested to the highest European GS standards. Customer feedback suggests that people really like only putting lights up once and then being able to simply switch them on when required.

Lights4fun continues to develop its' products and in 2007 has one of the best quality LED connectible ranges available in Europe. Extend up to 50 sets from one standard UK socket (that's 5,000 lights) and still use less energy than 4 domestic light bulbs.

Lights4fun 'own brand' LED outdoor products, use only more expensive 100% natural rubber cable. These cables are durable, flexible and resistant to the UK weather. The LED bulbs are double sealed for extra safety, save up to 90% on energy consumption, (thus helping the environment) and are expected to last for 100,000 hours of constant use. (That's over 11 years).

By insisting on high quality and cutting out the middlemen, Lights4fun continues to offer great value for money on all its 200 product lines.

Tim Naughton says "Whilst there will always be a demand for the warm colours of traditional lights, LED's are the way forward. They are cheap to run, save the environment and save users up to 90% on energy costs."

He says about the company's success to date: "We care about quality and service and have generated a very loyal customer base. As a small family business we love to help our customers with their projects either in person or over the phone. Our products get better every year, our prices remain low and our aim is to keep our customers happy."

Lights4fun employs enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who can help you with simple enquiries or more complicated projects. If you require help or advice please call us free on 0800 0612 532.

We look forward to talking to you. For press or PR material please call 0113 270 4999 or email pr@lights4fun.co.uk.