LUV VJ Moving head

1. Electronic Ballast
3. Flight case

Technical parameters
Rated voltage: 220V AC/50HZ
Rated Power: 750W
Light Source: HMI 575W
Channels: 6 channels
Control:DMX controller and VJ controller
Signal: International standard DMX512 signal and professional VJ software  
Focus Features: Auto Focus
Strobe functions: frequency 1-11 times / second
Pan: Max 540, 8 or 16 bit parse
Tilt: Max 270,8 or 16 bit parse
Package Size: 530 x 480x 570mm (carton); 1030 x 610 x800mm (dual-lamp air box)
Net weight: 28 kg
Gross Weight: 31 kg

Push-button digital display interface in English
Built-in Automatic,Sound Active
Optional X / Y axis reverse function, body self-test light from the display control and also can take self-test by DMX controller.
0-100% mechanical linear dimmer, can make the whole shade to full-light effect
Level of 540 degrees, 270 degrees vertical scanning range, smooth moves, affluent, accurate positioning
Customers can download any VJ material by yourself to play on our VJ light, including: 3D graphics, VJ material, media files and static images
By VJ software can handle video and images, and add various effects, mix the pictures and videos together as the DJ mix, to achieve true synchronization of music and visual.
Support includes video AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLASH and other formats.
Support multiple connections and synchronization