Usually while surfing through the internet, we find some products which are interesting for us. But it's so hard to keep in mind all of them and get back to it when needed.

There are wish lists on some sites. But what should we do if there is no such feature implemented? In addition what can be done in case if you want to create wish list with products from different sites?

LikesPaper provides you possibility to have one "wish list" instead of managing a lot of "wish lists" on different sites. Created lists can be public, so you can use them to gather recommendations and share on Facebook or just with public URL.


Very often, the same product can be purchased from a number of other sites. Users post comments about a product on those sites, but comments are available only on the sites where they were originally written and users don't have a global access to them.

As a result, users can miss some valuable comment or will need to go through a number of sites to read all comments.

With the help of LikesPaper addon, users can post product reviews globally to LikesPaper storage, and avoid being dependent on a particular site.

So users keep using their favorite sites and have access to comments from users of other sites, which they might not even have known before.

All you need is install "LikesPaper" button to browser, go to product details page on any site and click "LikesPaper" button to benefit.