Lillbacka Corporation, based in Alaharma Finland, is a successful machine manufacturer that began developing Finn-Power crimping machines in the early 1970's. Today, the company's crimping machines are renowned worldwide for their high quality, and Finn-Power is among the best known trademarks in the industry.

Lillbacka Corporation was founded by Jorma Lillbacka in 1969.  Initially, Jorma Lillbacka acted as a subcontractor for machine engineering products but in 1973 he began developing better ways of crimping hydraulic hose assemblies. When the first Finn-Power crimping machines were marketed around the world, they became an instant success in the industry and Finn-Power became a well known brand.  The company continued the development of further innovative technologies and machines.

By 1980, Lillbacka Corporation had achieved global market leadership in the area of crimping technology.  In that year, owner Jorma Lillbacka received a national award from the President of Finland for being an outstanding Finnish exporter.  In 1990, the company introduced the world's first digital microprocessor control for crimping machines.

By 1994, the two Lillbacka divisions - Crimping Technology and Sheet Metal Working Technology - experienced enormous growth.  In 2002, Lillbacka Corporation's Sheet Metal Working Technology division was sold, and the company concentrated solely on the development and manufacturing of its Finn-Power crimping machines.

Today, new innovations have been introduced to the global marketplace.  

Lillbacka Corporation has introduced a new UC Controller that has computing power and features never seen before on crimping machines such as automated quality control reporting options and as easy to use menu guided operation.  The new UC Controller  has many options such as pressure crimping, multi-step crimping and process control monitoring.  The UC Controller also has energy efficient modes to place the crimper into a stand-by mode when not in operation.

Lillbacka Corporation has recently introduced the world's largest crimper, the Finn-Power King Crimper 1200 & 2000.  The King Crimper 1200 has a max. crimping force of 1,200 tons and the King Crimper 2000 has a max. crimping force of 2,000 tons. These crimpers have a crimping range from 7.87" inches to 25.59" inches.  The King Crimper 1200/2000 features the new UC Controller, which has computing power and features never seen before on crimping machines.  Lillbacka Corporation has invested engineering and resources to bring to market a Finn-Power crimping machine with unlimited potential.

Lillbacka Crimping Products

Apart from traditional hydraulic hose assemblies, Finn-Power crimping machines can be used for hundreds of different applications.  They are capable of crimping, joining, and forming various types of objects.  Finn-Power machines are used for crimping different types of hose, tubes, pipes, wires, cables, ropes, as well as electric cables.  The Finn-Power machines allow quick and accurate joining of metal with either metal, rubber, fiber, plastics or even wood.  The variety of different applications for tube, pipe, and endforming is endless.  Finn-Power standard and custom-made die sets offer may possibilities for radial forming.  The accuracy, force, efficiency, durability, speed, safety, and ease of use are the main strengths of FInn-Power crimping machines.

Lillbacka Corporation offers a full line of Finn-Power crimping machines such as a Service Line, General Production Line, Serial Production Line, Side-Feed Machine Line & Nut & Cable Line.  The Finn-Power crimping machine lines has crimpers that meet and exceed the satisfaction of the customer.

Lillbacka Hose Cutting Saws

Lillbacka Corporation also offers a full line of Finn-Power hose cutting saws.  We offer models such as the CM30, CM35, CM75 and the newly created CM91.  These hose cutting saws are known in the industry for their relability and durability for cutting hydraulic and industrial hoses.

Lillbacka USA Inc.

Lillbacka USA Inc. located in Orlando, Florida is the North American office for Lillbacka Corporation.

Lillbacka USA Inc. stocks and inventories Finn-Power machines.  Besides machines and parts that are readily available, many other services are offered at our facility in North America.  We offer many services and have the following available for you:
Product Engineers, Special Application Department, Special Die Set Application Engineers, Training Programs - Preventative Maintenance & Machine Training, Show Room / Demonstration Area, Service Department, In-House Service Technicians, Outside Service Technicians and Outside Sales Representatives.

For additional information about our products and services, please contact us at 847-301-1300 or sales@lillbackausa.com.  

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