First online subscription for feminine products , delivered to you monthly. Your brand, your style, your comfort . We offer a wide range of products with the simple 2 step process.
1. Choose your product
2. Choose your subscription (3 months, 6 months , or 1 year)
Its that easy . You will receive your products every month for the length of your Subscription you can Stop, Pause, or Cancel any time .

Women today are so busy with there hectic schedules, work, family and everything else in between that you tend to forget to stock up on your monthly feminine products.
What happens when you forget? You either ask a co-worker at your office for a pad or tampon or you end up rushing to the store during your break to go buy it.
All because you've been too busy and forgot. We understand that this happens from time to time.  Li’l Miss Period  offers a subscription service that will deliver your feminine products to your home or office on a date that you choose every month. Just like medications are delivered to your home are for some, a convenience.  Li’l Miss period offers this convenience to you so you have one less important item to think about.