Lily.B Skincare is a simple, essential collection of five products loaded with skin protective ingredients, age-defying properties and no skin irritating additives. We developed Lily.B Skincare to help promote healthy skin, neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and protect the skin from adverse environmental exposure.
Lily.B products are loaded with key vitamins, minerals and amino acids to promote strong, vibrant, clean skin. The products contain light, hydrating ingredients to help keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay while ensuring soft, luminous, beautiful skin.
We chose ingredients that would help balance, hydrate and nourish skin as it went through normal hormonal changes, sleep pattern changes and the effects of stress and diet.
We selected ingredients rich in protective antioxidants and other skin nourishing nutrients such as:
•     Hyaluronic Acid, a hydrating molecule our bodies naturally produces and which starts to decline after the age of 20. Hayluronc Acid provides inner and outer skin hydration that is so important for healthy, luminous, wrinkle-free skin.
•     Vitamin K and Arnica, to address tired, puffy, dark circles around the eye area, which is a common concern for many younger women.
All five Lily.B products are all-natural. We formulated them with our consumer in mind: she’s smart, savvy, busy and increasingly eco-friendly. She knows that what she puts on her body is as important as what she puts in her body — we know that too.
We also know that the skin has a tremendous capacity to self regulate itself, which is why every product is simple, clean and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
We paid attention to all the ingredients! Lily.B Skincare contains no skin irritating ingredients including:
•     Synthetic colors
•     Synthetic fragrances
•     Parabens
•     Glycols
•     PABA
•     Sulfates
Lily.B Skincare was tested by skin experts and beauty enthusiasts (but never by animals!), and is endorsed by dermatologists.