Internationally recognized authority on weight and health, Linda Bacon, Ph.D., is the founder of HAES Community Resources. Dr. Bacon is an author, professor, researcher, and consultant in the field of Health at Every Size. Prevention Magazine calls her best-selling book, "Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight," the "bible" of the HAES movement.

Dr. Bacon is associate nutritionist at the University of California, Davis, and a nutrition professor in the biology department of City College of San Francisco. HAES shifts the emphasis in health care from weight to health, and foresees an end to the futile and damaging diet culture.

HAES is weight-neutral. Research by Dr. Bacon and others university-based researchers, published in peer-reviewed journals, show that HAES beats all forms of weight control when it comes to patients' metabolic, coronary and mental health as well as their approaches to nutrition and exercise.

Dr. Bacons work gives doctors, dietitians, therapists, and people of all shapes the tools they need for better fitness, health and even happiness – all without dieting.