Our business philosophy reflects our belief that managing a serious business crisis requires a comprehensive and disciplined approach to minimize liabilities of principals, maximize recoveries, and conserve resources for the pursuit of future endeavors.

There are many scenarios that call for a reappraisal of a company’s prospects. Some are caused by tough economic times; some involve a sudden change in a management situation — such as the death or disability of a CEO — or simply his or her desire to retire.

The ultimate outcome of such a reappraisal may require positioning the company for sale or liquidation, or perhaps the implementation of a new marketing strategy. While the need for some action may be clear, the best solution may not be readily apparent to one not trained in the specialty of crisis management. The concerned business attorney or family counsellor who recommends the assistance of a specialist should be credited with a giant step toward protecting his or her client's interests and perhaps saving the business.

Calling on a specialist

As experienced crisis managers, Lindenwood Associates is brought in at this point to work in the best interest of your client. We will assess the situation, recommend a course of action and then work with the business’s owners to help them navigate the crisis. If bankruptcy, liquidation or sale is the best route to protect the assets of the company and its owners, then we will work with the company’s attorneys as we devise a plan and implement the operational steps needed to achieve the best result.

If a redirection is called for, then the owner may request that we act as business advisors or as part of the management team to define and implement a new strategy that will help the business to weather the crisis and come out more competitive.

Why Lindenwood Associates?

We understand that each crisis situation is unique because the individuals involved are unique. We also know the issues that distressed businesses face regardless of their industry. And we know how to get through them regardless of how complex they are. For over 15 years our clients have appreciated our discrete senior-level attention.

We are grateful for the confidence of the attorneys who refer their most important clients to us. We invite attorneys and their clients to call us to discuss how we can work together to resolve their particular business crisis.