We Manage Your IT, So You Can Manage Your Business.

We are a Small Business IT company, therefore we understand the needs of a Small Business and especially in the area of technology. Our end goal is to offer our clients more affordable ways of growing their business through state of the art technologies and cutting-edge innovations. Given how fast the world of tech is advancing, its nearly impossible for the average person to keep up with.

-Cloud Services - Company Changeover - Staff Training
-Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Spyware Removal, Adware -Removal, Trojan Removal
-Laptop Repair (From screen/LCD replacement to bringing the dead back to life.)
-Desktop Repair (You name the problem, we can fix it.)
-PC Tune-Ups (Don’t let’em fool you, PC Tune-Ups can get you back in the game!)
-Disaster Recovery, Data Recovery and Permanent Backups
-Hard Drive Repair, Replacement and Recovery
-Hardware Troubleshooting and Installs
-Software Troubleshooting and Installs
-Business Network Installs (Wired or Wireless)
-Network Troubleshooting
-Network Redundancy / Failover Protection
-Small Business Consulting – Increase productivity and time -management.
-Custom Computer Builds
-Training (One on One or Group)
-Install Windows 7 / 10 / Linux
-Home Theater and Media
-Windows Home/Pro - SOHO Server (10 computers/users or less)
-Windows / Linux Small Business Servers
-Network - Internet Security Cameras
-Web Design | Logo Design | Graphic Design
-Web Hosting Plans | Website Maintenance
-Office and home low voltage wiring
-Find the lowest price on hardware, backups, and antivirus software
-Anything tech based – we can help
-FREE Advice and FREE Answers are always available!

When you choose Lingows as your IT partner, you can stop stressing out and spending countless hours trying to keep up with the rat race of technical innovation. We will handle complicated things for you so that you can focus on what matters most, your operational flow, your growth, and your end goals.

Working with us will provide your company the horsepower needed to dominate your competition and develop long lasting system automation that alleviates the need for extra staffing, saving you big money and often eliminating human error.

We offer FREE in-person and remote diagnostics and consultations.