Linguos is a unique multilingual, non-English search platform that uses transcription to allow users to search the web. Linguos covers virtually every major non-Roman script.  

Usage examples:
       To search for 'book' in Arabic, you would select Arabic and type 'kitaab'.
       To search in Russian, you would type 'kniga'.  
The system will transcribe into your target language and retrieve appropriate results. Linguos understands phonetic and spelling variants in supported languages and will give you results you would otherwise miss.

The underlying transcription/transliteration platform in Linguos supports virtually every major script/language and is available commercially as a standalone transliteration platform for specific groups of languages.

Linguos seeks to accelerate growth of web content in non-Roman scripts by making available some of its capabilities in the form of content generation, communication and other tools.  

Adoption of Linguos by users will also encourage non-English content owners/publishers to publish more content by driving more traffic to their sites.