Lionfire Real Estate is a Charlotte, NC based real estate investment company specializing in foreclosure and short sale acquisitions.  It was founded in Sarasota, FL in 2002 and has been helping homeowners fight the banks ever since.  

Lionfire Real Estate buys properties all over the country in any situation, any price range, any condition and in any part of town (good or bad neighborhoods).  The company buys properties from the small single family homes to the large commercial apartment buildings.

"We can pay cash and close quickly, structure complex purchases or whatever may be needed to resolve real estate situations of any kind."  - Matt Stefanik, President, Lionfire Real Estate.  To learn more simply visit http://www.sellmycharlotteforeclosure.com and download a Free Report today.

Lionfire Real Estate often liquidates their inventory of cheap foreclosure properties by offering deals directly to its private buyers list, which is free to join at http://www.foreclosedhomescharlotte.com

Lionfire Publishing, also owned by Lionfire Real Estate's parent company, Lionfire, LLC. has published a step-by-step "Do-It-Yourself" Loan Modification Kit for homeowners wishing to lower their monthly payment and keep their homes.  You can learn more by visiting, http://www.thediyloanmodkit.com