Lipoblue Supreme helps you reduce anxiety and control your appetite immediately. With a special formula which concentrates the highest amount of Forskolin in all lipoblue products, just for people who has been taking lipoblue and lipoblue Advance and want to try something stronger, advanced and multi-functional.

It helps you loose weight.
Eliminates fats and fluid retention.
Controls the appetite and also reduces anxiety.
Loose from 4 to 6 kg per month taking one pill daily, 45 minutes before breakfast.
Eliminates the retention of liquids.
Lipoblue Supreme Components
FORSKOLIN: Helps you to accelerate and improve metabolism. It helps the body to produce more the enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase, responsible for real fat burning.

CAPSICUM: It increases energy burning and it promotes weight loss in both men and women. It stimulates digestion of carbohydrates and therefore sugars while your are at rest and also during exercise. It increases the oxidation of fats and the elimination of lipids necessary to lose weight and reduces the bad accumulation of excessive calorie intake.

GINGSENG: It helps to improve resistance to stress situations, increases sexual capacity, the feeling of vitality, and work performance both physical and mental. It can help you as a complement to a balanced diet to increase physical performance and control the appetite.

MARRUBIO: Lipoblue Supreme Helps to reduce inflammation of the intestine, gallbladder and liver. It helps you reduce appetite. Regularizes the digestive functions.. It is a tonic for the stomach, liver and spleen. it is natural antispasmodic.

Do not take Lipoblue Supreme IF:

-You are pregnant or planning to become pregnant
-If you are breast-feeding babies
-You suffer from any cardiovascular disease such as hypertension
-If you are older than 65 years old.
-If you are under 21 y/o
-If you have any type of Diabetes.

This product is not intended  to cure any disease. Keep away from children