Morgan Liquidators mission is to help provide fiscal relief to those companies who want to maximize their fiscal position by selling off unprofitable merchandise for more lucrative initiatives.
We pay CASH UP FRONT for almost any quantity of products – ranging from a few pieces to entire warehouses. The quantities we purchase are not limited by artificial guidelines. A company can quickly and easily convert large sales of overstocks, excess inventories, customer returns into liquid assets; monies they can use right now to start new initiative, reduce deficits and improve their cash flow position.
We are committed to giving our clients a fair market value for the products we buy. We have over 10 years of experience liquidating merchandise for manufacturers, retailers and corporate accounts, both large and small. We have 37,000 square feet of warehouse space and an active roster of selling agents who locate buyers for our warehouse stock. We also do business online which enables us to turn over merchandise quickly. Our repeat list of clients includes numerous manufacturers, wholesalers, and established retail chains. We purchase a wide variety of general merchandise and consumer goods; virtually anything you would find in major department stores and retail chains. We sell excess/surplus merchandise OUTSIDE our client’s market under our own name. This policy is strictly adhered to in order to protect our client’s channels of distribution, brand names and territorial boundaries. WE HELP INCREASE REVENUE TO GENERATE AN IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW