Lisa D. Campbell has researched Michael Jackson since the release of his first solo album as an adult, "Off the Wall" .  Since then she has tracked his Billboard chart activity, amassed an extensive Jackson print and video library, and attended many concerts and personal appearances.  Her first book, "Michael Jackson: The King of Pop" was published in 1993 and a follow up, "Michael Jackson: The King of Pop's Darkest Hour" was released the following year.  Both books met with an overwhelming response from Jackson himself.  He aided in promotion of the books, and thanked Campbell with a prominent mention in the liner notes of his HIStory album.  
This latest release, "Michael Jackson: The Complete Story of the King of Pop" combines these first two books and completes the story of the greatest entertainer of the world.  It is one of the first publications to detail the loss of the icon, the unprecendent response to his passing, and the trial and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray.  
"Michael Jackson: The Complete Story of the King of Pop" is available in hardcover, soft cover as well as Kindle and Nook.