Wicked Weird Hollywood is located in Los Angeles, California and is owned by Lisa Montalto, a screenwriter, copy and promo writer and producer with over 10 years experiences in the business. Recently, expanded, Wicked Weird Hollywood includes Wicked Weird Productions which is a screenwriting service, taking ideas and turning them into full length feature films, short films, one hour long television dramas, thirty minute television sitcoms, webisodes, and more. Services include synopsis, treatments, packaging and pitching.

Wicked Weird Hollywood also includes a news blog that if filled with industry news, movie reviews, coming attractions and pop culture stories. http://lisamontalto.wordpress.com

Lisa Montalto is an east coast native, transplanted to sunny California to pursue writing and producing. With many years under her belt, she began her career in radio at the top station in Boston, moved into television and the web, and eventually the film industry. Extremely creative and innovative, her writing has received rave reviews and endorsements from over 500 of her peers, colleagues and clients.