Dr. T.F. Larsen, D.V.M., started I.G.L.V. Labs, Inc. in Spencer, IA, in 1981.  Throughout his practice he has worked with many species of animals, however in 2001 he took an interest in cats.  As a cat owner and lover, Dr. Larsen had concerns about his cat’s litter box and the bacteria and fungi that were undoubtedly being transferred throughout his home, which is why he created LitterTopper.  LitterTopper includes a line of products, the most popular being Anxiety Relief, which is intended to reduce cat anxiety related to environmental changes.

Littertopper is a granule-based product that, when sprinkled over cat litter, significantly reduces bacteria and fungi from being transferred around the household by cats.    All Littertopper products have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and the line includes; Antibacterial & Antifungal, Anxiety Relief, Coughs & Colds, Pain Relief, Kitty Support, Senior Cats, and Breed Specific products.  

Our mission is to improve the health of cats and their owners by naturally preventing disease/illness caused by E. coli, ringworm, staph, and strep.  During the 9 years we tested and developed Littertopper, Dr. Larsen cultured countertops of cat owners and found large amounts of harmful bacteria and fungi.  However, test results indicated that after approximately 2 weeks of using Littertopper, these were greatly reduced, and E. coli was nearly eradicated.  Daily use of Littertopper can not only reduce veterinary bills, but also reduce euthanasia of many cats suffering from behavioral problems.