Little Bytes Adventure Learning is a computer training company for children that began in December 2011. The owner and CEO, Sharonda Pryer, has always had a love for children and computers. She has 3 children of her own and 1 of her children is 3 years old and she utilizes the Discovery Kids Puterbug program and loves it. Ms. Pryer has worked with children of all age groups in various environments. Her compatibility with children and her love for computers allowed her to have the ambition to begin the company. During her years of parenting and working with computers, Ms. Pryer realized that children don't utilize computers until approximately fifth grade. Therefore, the exposure is limited unless a computer is utilized at home. At that point, it was decided that it was a great idea to start a continual training class that enables children to learn at a ripe age of 3 years of age. The classes are ongoing and they involve an interactive class that allows children to be a computer detective and solve missions while they are learning about the important functions of the computer. The computer classes are taught by certified teachers that have experience working with children and also have patience dealing with children that are on all levels of learning. Our mission is to provide technology learning that involves the foundation skills of reading, comprehension, and math to as many children that we can reach so that there will be a consistency of learning in regards to computers across the states in all classrooms.