It all started in 2010 when we decided to share our lifelong love for animals with other people like us.

As our experience grew with time, many friends, family members and acquaintances started taking our advices and suggestions whenever anyone thought of raising the chicken flock in his/her backyard. And they always said that our suggestions turned out to be really useful for them.

Seeing the chicken keepers delighted by our advices and suggestions, we thought of sharing our practices with all the chicken lovers out there. Thus, I and my wife decided to take our partnership in life a step ahead and we became business partners as well.

This was how our small family business started in the heart of rural England.

We are based in the heart of the Midlands and our family, which includes me Dale, my wife Samantha and our beautiful daughter Madison, love everything about this area and our work.

In order to help the chicken and bird keepers through each and every stage of raising these beautiful and entertaining pets, we offer a wide range of high quality products. From egg incubators and brooders to heat lamps and bulbs, from egg washing and packaging products to feeders and drinkers and from gardening tools to the electric fence equipment; we have everything that a farmer could need.

Also, we offer best quality products for maintaining the hygiene and health of your pets, for keeping the parasites and insects away from your pets and their homes and a huge variety of chicken keeping accessories to help you making this endeavour successful.