Founded by Roman Sadowski and Enda Glynn in the summer of 2013, littlethings.ie was setup with the goal of giving people the opportunity to discover the value locked in their closets.

Roman and Enda met in university in 2010, immediately hitting it off and bouncing business ideas off each other. Both are from different backgrounds and different countries with different histories but both having the unifying goal of building a great company that creates real value for their customer.

After many different ideas and experiments they stumbled on the fact that most people wear less than 50% of their clothes yet still go out regularly to buy new items, and then the idea was born, allow people to trade up their wardrobe through buying and selling the clothes they love.

For some people littlethings can be a way to realise some much needed cash, for others, it’s a way to buy beautiful clothes at affordable prices. While neither can claim to be a fashionista, both know a great idea when it hits them in the face!

Welcome to littlethings, why not explore the store.