LiveActive Sport Medicine is a multidisciplinary sport medicine in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in injury rehabilitation for the high performing athlete, concussion management, and osteoarthritis treatment.

LiveActive Sport Medicine Health and Performance delivers the highest quality of care for those who rely on nothing but the best. Whatever the level of play; whatever the activity of choice; the expert team at LiveActive works with patients to achieve their goals. Our team provides the tools, guidance, and skills throughout rehabilitation to overcome injuries and prevent another.

The LiveActive Sport Medicine multi-disciplinary team works closely together to provide a comprehensive approach to optimize injury recovery. Accurate diagnosis, advanced clinical skills, and cutting edge therapies facilitate return to sport and activity in a healthy, efficient and timely manner.

Our team of exceptional therapists at LiveActive Sport Medicine has been selected for their skill and expertise. Members of the team work with NHL players, the CWHL, Skate Canada, and more. They have been on Olympic medical teams; gone to numerous World Championships and worked for Mirvish productions, major films, and TV shows. Our practitioners excel in their care of high performance athletes but apply the same skills and enthusiasm to assist anyone with activity related complaints or injuries.

To book an appointment, please call 416 201 9770, or e-mail us at info@liveactivesportmed.com