A Connecticut native, Elizabeth Hall grew up shaped by diet culture and learned how to break free through intuitive eating, a body positive mindset and by transforming her relationship with herself. She is a certified professional coach (iPEC), mentor and teacher who has studied the science and psychology behind dieting, initially to better understand her own behavior and mindset with weight. In her virtual and in-person coaching practice, located in Farmington, Conn., Elizabeth offers her clients the same insights, information, tools and techniques that helped her learn to love and accept herself and her body, no matter what size. In addition to her professional coaching certification, Elizabeth is a Be Nourished Certified Body Trust® Provider, a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. She has lived the experience of breaking free of diet culture and has worked with clients all over the world to live free from, and live well despite of, diet culture. She has introduced Live Free or Diet® Coaching Services to schools, yoga studios, health centers and the general community. She also speaks on the topic of intuitive eating and hosts events to help alter the effects of diet culture like, “Listen to Your Body, It’s Smarter than You,” a yoga/body trust, six-session mini-retreat co-sponsored with Imagine Studio CT in West Hartford last year. Her next event is a nine-session workshop about intuitive eating and body image being held at the Bridge Healing Arts Center in Farmington, Conn. For more event information visit elizabethhallcoaching.com/events