Welcome to Livemycity.com, a weblog based on the spark that is created when opposites meet. This is a blog born from the space between juxtapositions and fueled by the wonderment of all that surrounds us. In the musings of two northerners trapped, albeit willingly, on the palm dotted southernmost peninsula of the United States we hope to rekindle in our reader a childlike awe at the beauty that we discover along our path. Through photography, art, writings, and travel we hope to create a collaborative representation of the amazing world in which we live. Although collaboration between the authors of this weblog is a given, we hope that a collaboration will also develop between ourselves and our readers as we hope you will enlighten us to the world in which YOU live as well. In our efforts to appreciate the world around us we aim to make charitable pursuits a fixture of our blog. We sincerely hope that each of you will join us in our endeavors to pay forward the bit of good the universe has bestowed upon each of us.

Livemycity.com is about experiencing the city in which we live and sharing it with others through blogs and reviews. It is also a place where we hope to nurture the positives in our community by supporting local charities and businesses. Currently, there are a great deal of local foods, arts, attractions, and more which we will share with the central Florida community.

In the long run, Livemycity.com aims to create an online commuity which helps greater Orlando area businesses by bringing more diners to their restaurants, traffic to local stores, and more volunteers to charitable events. We also hope to have local business owners share their knowledge and experience to help others grow and create their business.

Suehelly Velez & Leonidas Bratini
Livemycity.com Team