LiveteachingTV is a global, online learning platform, facilitating LIVE education to anyone, at any level, from anywhere in the world. Presently, there are institutions offering some form of “live” teaching, but these are mostly streaming videos. Many times students get stuck and don’t have an opportunity to raise their hands in the “classroom” to get immediate answers to problems they are facing. Not only that, these websites mostly cater to individuals who already have some form of education.

On LiveteachingTV, instructors will have channels where they can teach subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Writing. Viewers will be able to tune in to these channels on their mobile phones to watch, for example, an instructor solve mathematical problems, enabling them to learn faster. Once done, the streams will be available as videos for download, where they can watch over and over again, until they have mastered the lesson. While “class” is going on, viewers will be able to interact with the instructor by raising their virtual hands and getting an immediate response.

LiveteachingTV will be available not only to those who already have some form of education, but will also facilitate those passionate learners who simply want to learn how to read and write, but never had the opportunity. Until now.

LiveteachingTV aims to provide interactive livestreaming for everyone around the globe. We are aiming to capitalize on the quickly growing educational technology market by introducing an idea that is innovative yet traditional in approach. Surprisingly, there are few interactive, livestreaming platforms available on the Internet, despite the huge demand for online studying. LiveteachingTV’s goal is to bring education and conversation to people from different cultures around the world.