Welcome to LivevirualAuctions.com

LivevirualAuctions.com (LVA) has been created to meet the need for a relaxed and safe environment for both buyers and sellers. Buyers will not have to pay to place a bid. Vendors pay a fee only if the item is sold. But at the same time will have other options to highlight or promote their items where if we will have to pay, but will be optional.

In LVA want to maintain a healthy environment, so is that all that is recorded is committed to a, in the case of buyers, to pay for the item and shipping and handling charges. The sellers will be responsible for complying with its commitment to send the purchased item meeting the details that scored the description and other details. Sure, there must be good communication between the two.

LVA is not responsible for misunderstandings between both parties. Each party must do your best to remain all pleased.

Thanks for being part of this project.

LVA Administration.