Living Bliss Herbs, is an online store that supplies natural whole body care choices of quality and integrity, facilitating true change. Featuring skin and whole body care preparations and herbal tonics. These include essential oil face mists, face and body creams, and herbal tinctures and tonics.

The herbs, herbal oils and essential oils used in these  products are either organic or wildcrafted and of the highest therapeutic quality. Obtained by reputable, eco-conscious sources with integrity and impeccable business practices and standards. All Living Bliss Herbs products are produced in small batches to insure quality and freshness.

Living Bliss Herbs products are non-toxic with vegan friendly, non-genetically modified organic ingredients. They do not contain mineral oil/ propylene glycol, industry waste by-products or fillers, additives, fluoride, sulphites, emulsifiers, sulfate, pesticides, fungicides, germicides, preservatives or artificial colorings.  Living Bliss Herbs does not practice, participate or condone animal testing nor does it use ingredients derived from animals instead, Living Bliss Herbs uses beeswax and raw honey, derived from local beekeepers in some of its products.  Living Bliss Herbs products are healthy to put in and on the body.