Lakeshore is a talent community.    We do things differently than our competition by focusing on our Candidates first.  We like to say that our unique method attracts the best talent, but truthfully, it’s not that we have better people- we just treat our people better!  We serve our Candidates and Team an “I Love Lakeshore” experience every day and it is our goal to be a resource to all of our Candidates, whether or not we benefit.

We offer a safe place to search for employment, connect with others, and receive all the help you need to develop yourself professionally.  We offer the best and most comprehensive benefits of our industry.  Our reason for operating this way is simple; we think that if you feel valued, appreciated, and connected with a real community, you’ll be more productive for your Employer.

Connect with us and find out how our Verbs match our Words, and make us different than any other company in our industry!