Livingston International is a leading North American customs broker focused on compliance; the company also offers consulting and global trade management services as well as international freight forwarding across North America and around the globe. Livingston simplifies the lives of importers and exporters by managing the vast nexus of government agencies, regulations, protocols and information that can be overwhelming for them to navigate on their own. What’s more, with over 65 years of experience and an expansive depth of knowledge, Livingston educates companies engaged in international trade and serves as their trusted advisor.

In a highly security-driven world, the ability to ship goods across borders is no small or easy task. That is why clients look to Livingston to avert risk long before their shipments arrive at the border, to know the logistics, information reporting and regulatory hurdles that could prevent their shipments from arriving on time and to eliminate them. With a strong focus on trade compliance, Livingston mitigates risk by staying on top of legislation, protocols and evolving trends and by designing practical solutions to address future regulatory changes before they become enacted.

As the company handles customs requirements for clients, Livingston is also very well positioned to help clients with their international freight arrangements. This helps to simplify things for clients as Livingston is able to deliver the services that are vital to them in a way that is timely, seamless and cost-effective. For North American companies doing business globally, this integrated capability provides them with one-stop solutions to complex needs. For more information on Livingston visit http://www.livingstonintl.com