JVP Enterprises started as a computer consulting firm, providing network design, layout, installation, hardware, software and training. Using the most up to date equipment and that which we developed. The owner and founder Joseph Potocny, however was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Frontal Temporal Dementia, the company basically has been moved from it's former focus. Now the focus is on educating the Public at large to this disease and the lack of cure thereof. Mr. Potocny has published a book, Living With Alzhiemers ( A Conversation if You Will). This starts the cataloging of his journey on his blog (http://living-with-alzhiemersblogspot.com/), to help others understand what the receipient of this disease feels and goes through. And so that others would understand there are no SURVIVORS' of this disease. His blog has won awards, been featured int the Wall Street Journal and Joe himself was featured int the HBO Documentary, The alzheimers's Project: specifically THE Memory Loss Tapes. As of this date Joe's blog has reached over 70,760 people World Wide since January 23, 2007. Guess bloggers are also allowed to post. All comments posted are uncensored. Join us in the fight of this damnable disease.