We are located in San Jose, California, the e-commerce and computer center of the world.  We have warehouses in Santa Clara, Las Vegas, and China to quickly process and ship orders, and we are committed to offering you the best online shopping experience possible.

As a manufacturer and e-commerce distributor, one of our top priorities is quality control. Special quality control measures are implemented throughout our entire process, from initial supplier selection to final product testing and shipping. Over the years, we have been supplying to many customers and distributors throughout the world, and would love to have you among our list of satisfied customers.

We provide various electronic accessories for laptops, desktop computers, and printers, as well as a wide range of home appliances & gadgets, such as:

  1. LCD laptop screens
  2. Original Foscam wireless IP cameras
  3. Laptop keyboards
  4. Laptop Adapters & power supplies
  5. Camera bags & cases

Welcome to www.lktown.com or www.riiminikeyboards.com