Legacy Management Consulting Group, LLC provides advisory services to help today's businesses and their management teams improve the effectiveness and efficiency of corporate strategy, process, and operations. We achieve this by assessing business needs and reviewing and evaluating corporate infrastructures, functions, plans, administration and direction. We work together with our clients and strategic partners to help people and businesses navigate through and ultimately succeed in today's unpredictable markets.
Our work objectives include utilizing our backrounds, expertise, experience and strategic partners to assist companies retool, restructure, restart and revitalize, as well as providing guidance and assistance to companies revealing signs of difficulty, stress and potential crisis. We provide leadership in business management, processes and operations, while maximizing stakeholder value.
We look to our clients' past issues and experiences and partner with them, enabling us to provide insight and obtain real world professional knowledge in assisting them in managing their business operations, risks and objectives.
We focus our efforts and resources on the planning, execution and implementation of strategies and action plans, side by side, partnering with our clients, their resources and their people in successfully obtaining their ultimate goals.

Management Consulting:

*Process evaluation and improvement
*Business strategy and plan development and implementation
*Corporate policy and procedure assessment and program implementation
*Management and internal control studies
*Cash flow and working capital monitoring
*Projections and forecasts
*Due diligence consulting
Interim Management:

*Interim management filling planned and unplanned position needs and voids for financial, manufacturing, sales and marketing executives
*Distress/crisis assessment and management
*Project management and structure change
*Management restructuring

Corporate Governance:

*Internal control assessment, remediation and monitoring
*Risk management
*Employee benefit and insurance plan evaluation
*Outsourced audit service
*Forensic examination and investigation
*Merger and Acquisition consulting
*IPO, reserve merger, roll-up and divestiture consulting
Turnaround Advisory:

*Distress and crisis evaluation, containment, resolution and prevention
*Financial and operational management and restructuring
*Cash management, planning and control, liquidity and solvency evaluation
*Evaluation, negotiation and structuring of financing, refinancing and recapitalization needs