London Market Forums (LMForums) is the networking and thought leadership group for professionals working in the London Insurance Market and those who supply solutions and services to the community.

LMForums brings together insurance practitioners and executives for thought provoking talks from subject matter experts across multiple fields and disciplines, such as insurance practice, operations, change, legal and compliance, finance, technology, and HR.

All of the events have an educational content and are designed to encourage free and open discussion from our practitioner membership base, which now is made up of thousands of industry professionals. LMForums hosts around 30 events a year, ranging from small roundtables and breakfast gatherings to large scale seminars and conferences.

The Club also welcomes Corporate Members - those who provide valuable products and services to the London Insurance Market. Corporate Members pay an annual fee to join and are part of the Club for a whole 12 months, enjoying significant industry exposure.

We also produce two largescale social events during the year, one which benefits a nominated charity and the other which recognises those in the London Market who've made the biggest contribution to the industry - especially the unsung heroes.

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