LOAF ART & DESIGN COMPANY, LLC is an award-winning, proud Michigan registered business that offers consultation, management and art as goods and services. Our training and experience in the fine arts and communications industry combined with our technical proficiency make Loaf Art & Design Co., an ideal partner for outsourcing. We offer clients over 50 years of combined and diversified expertise in the fine arts, commercial arts, web development, graphic design, programming, marketing, project management, consulting, and teaching, which has led to a distinguished client roster. We're committed to the highest standard of service meaning we excel. Our projects are long-lasting and add immediate value to any organization. Our research into business models allow us to construct signature services that increase productivity and help your bottom line. We create value in terms of organizational growth. And solutions to your business needs that maximize returns on investments. Continued updates and upgrades are offered to prolong the life of our business and visual solutions. Loaf Art & Design Co., researches trends as well as innovative tools of trade. We also perform self-evaluations and develop technological skills needed to deliver ideal solutions for your business. And Loaf Art & Design Co., knows deadlines and meets them without exception. We understand industry requirements and we pass on that understanding to our clients. And we provide effective project management.