LocalAventura is an online marketplace that connects adventurous travelers with passionate local guides for more authentic travel experiences across Latin America. We believe that by connecting people and allowing them to explore the Latin American together, we can create a greater understanding of the region itself.

Recognizing the challenges that come with tourism in Latin America, LocalAventura aims to make travel to the region more meaningful and easy. We start by partnering with the best local experts across the region. Each of our guides go through an intensive vetting process to ensure that we are only listing high quality, personable, and unique tours. Meanwhile we provide our guides with the freedom to create their own tours and schedules.

Next using our user-friendly, dynamic platform our travelers can search for the tours and guides that best fits their needs. We will also assist them in creating customized experiences, making modifications to existing tours or creating completely new ones all together. They can then book in advance and pay through our secure system.  Whether you are looking to explore the islands off the coast of Lima with a world sailing champion or learn travel photography with an internationally published photo journalist, our platform makes it easy to find the best tours in the region.