"Localistas.in launches local guide platform in India, with nearly a 1000 sign ups in the first month!"

“Connect & travel with locals who love their city” is the core idea behind this travel website launched in March 2013.  Localista by definition is a person who loves everything local, is passionate about discovering the wonders of where we live. Localistas.in is a platform meant for those locals, who would like to showcase their cities or local culture with travelers, share travel ideas and unique tours, start their own travel or local guiding business and make a living doing something they love.

According to the founders, a husband and wife team who choose to remain anonymous at this point, (because of their day jobs)…localistas.in gives travelers a unique platform to plan their travel in India. A Guest can network and connect with several localistas of the city of their choice to help them complete their travel trips, discover secret getaways, unravel hidden local treasures or simply network with very cool locals.

Travelers today demand more than just a hotel & air package, they seek out local travel experts – professional guides or simply friendly locals who have the knowledge and interest in showcasing their culture, cities, towns or villages. Localistas.in caters to this need of travelers and provides a social network platform with detailed profiles of localistas (both professional guides & amateur) who can be searched to find the perfect match - they can be searched based on language spoken, gender, age, types of tours offered etc. The localista has the additional option to enlist their past tours.

As a localista one can showcase ones profile & share unique tours - absolutely free. Here travelers can connect with localistas directly, exchange emails & contact information. The great thing is that this platform allows a user to network & build a rapport with a traveler well before he sets out on his or her actual journey, helping build trust & a comfort level as well. Currently the website is in the process of building its base of “localistas” through network marketing in closed circles, however, the platform is open to all travel or cultural enthusiasts.

Nearly two years in the making, Localistas.in will be starting with the India market before expanding to other destinations. The site boasts of 1000 sign ups in the first month and hopes to expand this network to amateur local guides and hobbyists as well.