Based out of Orange County, California, Local Lighthouse offers Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization solutions to companies throughout the United States. With millions of submissions received, Local Lighthouse can meet the requirements of the most demanding environments including Fortune 500, small business, nonprofit and education. Our mission is to provide a service that lets anybody easily create powerful sites.  

For businesses looking to reach a larger, more locally-targeted audience, Local Lighthouse is the trusted resource for expertise in online local ranking and search engine marketing. Whether you have a website or not, we can help you establish a successful presence online using a number of advanced SEO services.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” All it means is that we ensure that when a local customer searches for the types of products or services you provide, in your area, your business shows up in the search results. Our state-of-the-art technology focuses on improving your visibility in search engine results (Google, Yahoo! and MSN Bing), local map search results, and mobile search results.

While many of their local competitors and other Seo Companies across the Nation have tarnished the name and practices of Search Engine Optimization, Local Lighthouse strives to prove that the label of "scam" "fraud", or even the terminology implying "ripoff" is not always correct by outdoing themselves and establishing long standing client relationships and continuous re-subscribers.   This out of the box thinking company believes relationships are key for growth, treating their client base like they would want to be treated and taking on the role of teammate versus authority when it comes to their marketing partnerships.  

With a long history in the art of lead generation and marketing in aspects that include direct mail, telecommunication and even email marketing, Local Lighthouse Corp from Tustin, CA has taken into consideration all aspects of the small business owners needs, wants and expectations and incorporate proven tactics as well as marketing techniques to drive consumers toward their clients product and service.  A common complaint from clients is that they are spending too much money on advertising with other companies.  Local Lighthouse takes their complaints and turns them into peace of mind by offering tailored campaigns to suit any owners advertising needs.  There simply is not much they can't do to appease the needs of any local business.

Staying on top of keeping up with search engines ever changing algorithms is their forte.  Google made significant changes to their guidelines in 2012 and that are carrying into 2013 that heightened their requirements for websites that are shown on their search results with hopes of decreasing piracy and spam on the internet and keeping internet user’s private information private.  This came about after the FTC finalized their 19 month investigation into Googles guidelines worldwide that can be found here: Letter From Google To The FTC.  Local Lighthouse is incorporating ways to combat these new standards by practicing clean, ‘white hat Seo’ techniques that are proven to work and simple to do.  Keeping all clients’ info streamlined and uniform, proper and non-repetitive, unique and written specifically for search engines.  Sounds simple, however many other companies in their industry use instant and false tactics that are sure to get fast results, that won’t last, that could get the business that hired them flagged and ruin their odds on Google itself!  Seo Scams have been around since Seo was established.  Fraud by Seo Companies is unfortunate and difficult see at times because the results appear to be the real deal. The staff at Local Lighthouse Corp deals with the damage done by many to the web marketing industry and offers help to their client base and potential clients by informing them of everything they do for consumers prior to moving forward with a partnership.  Keeping clients informed and in the loop is what makes this growing organization stand out from the rest, doing what they say the can do is what is keeping them on track to be the best!

Local Lighthouse Corp has their own in-house team of developers that create software, websites and custom templates they use for their clients sites, tracking and ensuring uniformity in information.  This allows them to have lower prices for products and services because they do not need to pay someone else to develop anything for them, their expert staff of developers and programmers are truly ahead of the game when it comes to technology, no one out there can dispute that fact!  The ease of use for consumers to monitor their own sites progress is made simple enough for people that are not 'savvy' with computers and advanced enough to entertain the most experienced and avid user!