LockTheMailbox.com offers a forever solution to the rising incidence of mail theft and mailbox vandalism. For a 10% discount on orders in March, six locking security mailboxes provide the ultimate protection for both urban and country mailbox owners. These mailboxes have been developed from customer suggestions for the purpose of meeting their mailbox needs. Site director Jane H. says “People are tired of replacing vandalized mailboxes.  It is no secret that mail theft and mailbox vandalism are on the rise.”
All six mailboxes have pick proof tubular locks. All are constructed of ¼ inch thick (2 gauge) steel and have undergone rigorous testing and come through with flying colors. Not rain or sleet, hail or wind or snow, boulders or mallets, pipe bombs or vehicles can bring them down. These locking security mailboxes can hold a week, 2 weeks or a month of mail delivery.
Standard Mailboxes, not so standard at all, from LockTheMailbox.com come in two sizes, The Large Standard and The Small Standard to accommodate one or two weeks of mail. The ‘Senator’ and The ‘Package Mailboxes’ have slam-locked doors with both mail and package compartments. The ‘Fortress’ Mailbox accommodates both incoming and outgoing mail and is popular with urban and country homeowners alike. For people who travel and want the convenience of ultimate security of their mail for a month, there is The ‘Vacationer’ Mailbox.
Each mailbox is hand welded to meet the customer’s needs and has no rivets to rust or fail. Each is covered in long lasting powder coating in hunter green, black or any custom paint color that is requested to match an existing paint scheme. Every mailbox is equipped with two keys and non-reflecting address numbers placed on the front door of the box. Extra keys and reflective numbers are also offered.
Accessories include an aluminum insert to make retrieving mail simple. One can just slide it out and bring his mail in through the car window. For those who need a special box for newspaper delivery there is a steel newspaper box which can be welded to the mailbox post.
Options are available for multiple mailboxes in any size with steel posts and racks designed for any number and combination of mailboxes.  Medeco Locks are another option some people desire for the highest possible vaulted security.
The director warns “Mail theft accounts for over one-third of all cases of identity theft in America today.” Mail theft can be prevented with the right locking security mailboxes.”
LockTheMailbox.com invites homeowners to take advantage of this month of March 10% discount on all orders placed by March 31, 2011. Locking Security Mailboxes are a forever solution to mailbox vandalism and mail theft. No more worries with a vandal proof, theft proof mailbox at 10% off through the month of March 2011 from LockTheMailbox.com.