Locomotion Press is publisher of children's books and gift sets focused on learning fun for families and elementary teachers of K-5, with trains as the main focus in story plots. The Gingerbread Train - Santa's Secret Gift is the first in a series of children's books and baking gift sets featuring the characters Matthew and Courtney, and author, Ann Tarpley Francesco's personal recipes. The Gingerbread Train will make stops at all popular holidays for a collectible series of stories. Each baking gift set will feature a cookie cutter of a different part of a train. In the works are manuscripts focused on Easter and Halloween. Timing of their release is still being finalized. Also of note is the fact that everything is Made-in-the-USA, something that was important to Francesco. A specialty U.S. manufacturer of cookie cutters developed the mold based on the illustrated Gingerbread Train locomotive. The website, www.thegingerbreadtrain.com, features Tarpley's recipes, activities for family, and will be offering lesson plans based on the book for teachers of grades K-5. The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon (www.amazon.com), Barnes & Noble (www.bn.com)  and directly from the publisher at www.thegingerbreadtrain.com.