Logically Secure is dedicated to helping Information owners protect their information from external attack and control its distribution since modern legislation requires that they must audit and control access to it by internal staff.  This control requirement and legislative need can make the difference between a business surviving an incident or investigation, or them going under.

However, as operating systems become more sophisticated the task of securing them becomes more complex and businesses cannot afford to let the enthusiastic but unskilled employee do their best to administer and secure critical servers.  

Logically Secure has staff with a vast array of  skills supported by experience to ensure your system is made as secure as the efficient use of funds and your risk appetite will allow. Based in the United Kingdom, we are available throughout the world to assist our clients and ensure they are secure whether based in a single location or spread across disparate and dislocated sites.

Experienced in both public and private sector practices, Logically Secure's personnel bring a unique blend of Military standards, commercial diversity, awareness of UK legal requirements and knowledge of both old and current HMG security policy.